Friday, 21 April 2017

Is it possible to convert Pocket articles into epub format?

If you are an avid reader then, there are many read it later apps such as Pocket, Instapaper, Evernote or Readability those may be well known to you. Basically, these apps are for the bookworms who want to read a lot about different niche viz. Technology, Fashion, Politics, Science, Lifestyle etc.

People save many blogs in Pocket App which they find interesting to read later. After some time, Pocket is piled up with so many articles and it becomes really difficult to find the desired article out of that heap. Now tagging feature of Pocket is quite time taking. I don’t think you will waste your precious time in tagging all those articles.

Also reading for hours on a backlit screen causes eyestrain and headache, so better to switch to eye-friendly e-ink screen. Reading on Kindle e-reader is very cosy for the eyes but converting Pocket articles into epub is not so easy.

Although there are several ways of epub conversion, let’s have a look  at them: -

1.       Use Calibre: - One way to convert to epub is to download Calibre and add pocket in custom news section. Put the login credentials and click on “Fetch News” button.
Now it will start fetching all your pocket articles and after a long time it will generate an eBook of all your pocket articles. But this process takes much time and also the possibility of synchronizing is not 100%.

2.       Save as PDF: - Another way of epub conversion is to firstly convert your pocket article into PDF and then convert PDF to epub. This method doesn’t guarantee the proper conversion of articles in desired format and is also a time consuming process.

3.       Use IFTTT: - This method works well but declared as the most complex way to convert pocket articles to epub. You have to make some IFTTT rules and Gmail filter.

First of all, tag an article you want to read with a particular tag in your main pocket account and it will trigger IFTTT to send its details to your email and then forward the article to your secondary Google Gmail account. This will result into labelling your article with the name you have specified in the beginning.

4.       Employ epub conversion service: - This is the best way to get your pocket articles converted into epub. Search for the best epubconversion service provider, check out the price. After complete enquiry send pocket credentials to the epub conversion company. It will convert your pocket articles into desired epub format as you wish. Focus on your reading, don’t waste your valuable time in conversion process. It’s so simple and easy.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How to Avoid Common Mistakes while Converting PDF to Mobipocket

PDF to Mobi Pocket Conversion

PDF, also known as Portable Document Format is an electronic document format that has been designed by Abode Systems. It has successfully included exceptional language features Postscript. Adobe Reader is the official program that is taken into usage for viewing such documents.

PDF to Mobipocket – Easy in Terms of Conversion

PDF files are considered to be among combinations of text that is available in combination with raster cum vector graphics and text forms. It also comprises of scripts that have been penned using JavaScript and other types of items. With the advent of technology, it has become possible to convert one form of document to another.

It has now become possible to convert PDF to Mobipocket within a few clicks. It is great to learn that Mobipocket is a format used into the MobiPocket Reader software that is duly prevalent on desktop and mobile platforms.  Books available in this particular format comprise of .prc and .mobi as file extensions.

Mobi – Originally Based on Palm DOC Format

Mobi is originally based on the PalmDOC format. Addition of suitable HTML tags has made it possible to create a highly compression version for compressing data to a high degree. But at the same time, there exists a few restrictions like inability to indent text and much more. Even it is impossible to format inserted images and tables.
In order to convert a PDF file to Mobi, then there are a few steps that need to be followed. First of all the PDF file needs to be selected followed by uploading the same. Once the upload gets concluded successfully, the converter will be able to redirect a web page in order to reflect the conversion result. 

Mistakes to Avoid while Conversion

There are a few vital things that need to be considered while carrying the conversion task. Generally it has come to notice that there exists a few numbers of issues at the time of uploading the document. In case the uploading takes too long or too slow to respond it is requested to try again the aborting the process.

While on your way to convert to Mobi, it must be ensured that the file being uploaded is not encrypted or protected. Such files remain in a highly secured state by the owner due to which it becomes impossible to convert the same to another. In case the file source is a URL, then it is better to ensure that you enter the complete URL.

Also, it must be a valid one otherwise the conversion may not at all take place. 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Beneficial to Hire a Professional eBook Conversion Company

For a writer to reach out to a larger audience it is important that he or she makes the book readable on iPads, smartphones, Kobo, Nook reader, Google play etc. Dont get petrified! You do not need to do this all on your own. You can actually hire a company which provides these services. There are number of companies mushrooming which promise to provide the best services. But it is important that you opt for a professional ebook conversion company.

1. Helps you get superb response:
Some writers may prefer to do the Ebook conversion on their own. However, this may not help you get the best results. One may feel that there are a number of online tools which can let you do the conversion easily. But the fact is that when you hire a professional company for the work, the results that you get are by far much better than what you could have got doing it on your own.
2. Better acquainted with the latest trends:
When you hire the services of an expert you get better results and get a good format because these companies are well versed with the latest trends and technology. They will help you get good and stable format. Keep in mind that if you have a large chunk of Word to ePUB conversion then you have to make sure that there is consistency in the format which only a professional company can provide. They will take care that the files do not get converted to a non supportive format which can spoil the quality of the final results. This can have a serious impact on your ebook.

3. Compatibility and dependability:
When you hire a professional eBook conversion company for PDF to Mobipocket conversion, kindle conversion etc then the service provider will ensure that the final look of the ebook is thoroughly professional and appealing. They will understand your preferences and will act accordingly. Professional service providers understand the importance of deadlines and will make sure that you they submit your project within the stipulated time.

4. Cost effective:
If you thought that hiring professional ebook conversion service is going to cost you too much then you are wrong. Infact yourself publishing efforts may turn out to be more expensive than professional services. When you hire a good ebook conversion company then you can be sure of getting the best services at an affordable price.

Digitization is here to stay and one cannot survive without it. Even in case of books, they need to be made available on different platforms if one wants to get a global standing. Therefore, hiring the services of an ebook conversion company is a must. Writers must make sure that they opt for a thoroughly professional company which has all the latest updates on the current trends and technology. Only a professional company will provide you results which are compatible with different gadgets. Completion of project in time and at a low cost will help you get the best results for your ebook. So just make sure that you hire only a good and professional company.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Give Readers a Digital Experience With Kindle Conversion Services

As we all know that by providing readers and experience of the digital book, introduced a much upgraded version of Kindle. It is definitely very useful and users globally using it and finding it wonderful to read their favorite book at any time and at any place. But some people are worried as because they might don't know properly, how to convert their paperback to e-book. Globally, many Kindle Conversion Services companies have come up to provide the authors and readers' assistance to easily convert their texts. It's very obvious that authors or publishers are doing their best to introduce their book to the readers.

The work of these conversion servicing establishments is to publish the book digitally in the market with renovation with some of its design keeping the high quality standards. The individuals who work in these establishments are skilled in the profession as they can convert it into any format like word to kindle, PDF to Kindle, Magazine to Kindle, Book to Kindle etc. and surely give priority to their client's requirement. It doesn't matter how tough the book is to convert or whether it is some diagrams, charts or columns they surely tries to provide the best support they can offer.

Some general instructions of conversion in Kindle:
  • Firstly, make an action plan for converting the ready to print book into kindle eBook to reach the mass audience.
  • Always it should be kept in mind that the structure and design of formatting of the print and eBook must be closely related to each other.
  • The Kindle e-Book should be created in such a way that it should be visible by the user in Kindle apps and gray-scale on all the devices of Kindle.
  • It should be included to set in links of more than one hundred.
  • It should also support the graphics like clip art, images, lists etc. 
  • All kindle languages should be included that it supports like - English, German, French, Portuguese.

This digitization will also be very useful for the readers as it will reduce their time to buy books and also they can read it while doing any work at any time. Reading books or working on important data in smart phone might create a fuss, but with this device, it will become much easier and all work will require very less time. The servicing companies moreover, will always help in providing all kinds of problems at a very affordable cost.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

ePub Conversions for Multiple Devices


Are you an author, artist who is concerned about the success of his work? ePub conversions services by converting digital or printed format of books into ebooks help you to reduce the cost of book conversion for multiple distribution channels. For formatting ebooks of all categories and shapes ePub conversion services are the best options. If you want to publish an eBook in different formats such as Amazon Kindle format, Sony reader format, ipad format and many more then you can easily do it with the help of ePub conversion. Top document conversion companies render ePub conversion services. They are also very cost effective and budget friendly.

·         Advantages of converting ePub files

Conversion of ePub files into a PDF format helps in easy managing of files as this format is supported by modern eBook readers, tablets and smartphone. Free trial services, quick turn, 99% accuracy, 24/7 customer service, affordable costs, three level quality checks, Stringent data security, customised formatting, kindle conversion and many more services are offered by well established document conversion companies. Ebooks being a cost effective method of distribution, reduces the publishers cost of conversion for multiple distribution channels. This format is very flexible and effective.

·         About ePub conversion service

With the help of this service you will be able to save articles from any website, blog and so on. This service enables you to read those articles whenever you want on your favourite device. This service is available for different devices. They also provide you with a backup file. These service providers are efficient and easily adapt to new update or change. They have a good knowledge of coding, and they work with various document type definition. In a cost effective manner they convert PDFs or hard copies to ePub and vice versa.

Scanning is the usual process for digitalis print books which are done with the help of scanners over the physical pages of the books. But this process is inclined to certain types of error. The most useful and easy process to convert a printed book is with the help of eBook conversion service. It converts the printed book format into many digital formats that are supported by your device. This service is available for multiple devices and also fixed layout ePub transformation service is provided by these services which helps you to generate books with accurate layout. They personalize the font, colours and margins etc. on the basis of your need.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

How to find the suitable format for eBook conversion?

Whether it reads for work or enjoyment, the electronic version of books is quickly consuming the space traditionally inhabited by printed books. It seems like the eBooks mix in more quickly with the modern era. Numerous publishers by this time identified this pattern and have aligned with an effective eBook conversion partner of their option to release an electronic version of the book. If you, like lots of other publishers or authors, are yet uncertain about which eBook conversion services are best matched, then go through the below points.
Your selected conversion partner should have the ability to offer you in-depth suggestions on below popular formats:
Conversion of Kindle format
The Amazon book shop is the profligate and fastest selling eBook marketplace. This is also one of the initial formats of electronically converted book which you need to choose. This is an exclusive format which is the most extensively checked out on Amazon. You should research well about Kindle Conversion before finalizing it. There are many experts who offer services like Indesign to kindle or word to kindle.
Conversion of ePub format
ePub is the second most basic format prevalent  in the electronic word. You will see many advantages that ePub format provides an edge over basic PDF; the main advantage with ePub format, the size of text may be effortlessly adapted to the reader's choice. This element is essential thinking about that different reader utilizes different reading gadgets. There are different means of devices available in the market for accessing the eBooks like smartphones, laptop, computers, and eBook reader. It is also the point that changing the size of text in ePub does not trigger the design or format of the size of text to alter.
Interactive eBooks
Numerous professionals in the conversion services market believe that the arrival of an interactive version of books changed the game completely. It can be presumed from the term that it allows the book reader to communicate with text, images, or other audio-visual aid in the book. Interactive books might fit your requirement simply if you're looking for a service provider to convert books to publish kids's books or culinary books in the e-format. Your eBook services company might produce books with speech acknowledgment includes addressing readers' questions. Interactive books can likewise make up games or other accomplishments. A trace of interactivity in eBooks can be a critical function in hooking the reader.
Enhanced and Improved eBooks
The stating that an image expresses a thousand words fits best in explaining the new significance in the perspective of boosted eBooks market. If you believe embedding abundant media into your book would benefit your readers, you must ask your conversion company about boosted books. Boosted eBooks can be enhanced with podcasts and videos to aesthetically show a point in your book. Audio files can likewise play a crucial function in this endeavor. Improved eBooks likewise take advantage of the functions of interactive eBooks, such as interactivity, blurbs or narrative.
You should first finalize your source format and targeted format. There are services available for printed book to kindle, PDF To Kindle, PDF to Mobipocket conversion.